Links: Philosophy of Teaching and Mentoring

The Lesson of Grace in Teaching is the MAA Haimo Teaching Award Lecture given at the Joint Math Meetings in 2013. By Francis Su. 

Links: Computational Social Science?

Parable of the Polygons is an interactive site about how bias affects segregation. By Vi Hart and Nicky Case. 

The Petrie Multiplier explains how a high ratio of men to women significantly increases the number of sexist remarks women receive compared to men, given that women and men are equally sexist. Defined by Karen Petrie; written up by Ian Gent. 

Male-Female Differences: A Computer Simulation shows the results of a simulation of female representation at the highest echelons of organizations given "small" (1% and 5%) bias against women in performance evaluations. By Richard F. Martell, David M. Lane, and Cynthia Emrich.