• Significant experience with: MATLAB, LaTeX, C, C++,  Lua, Macaulay2
  • Contributions to large, existing code bases:
    • Maintained and contributed to cross-platform humanoid robotics code base while part of the GRASP Lab at Penn. Most involved in with computer vision, localization, and object detection systems. Code for robots written in Lua; debugging code written in MATLAB. 
    • Developed algorithms for HD video encoder during R&D internship at Immedia Semiconductor. Also independently wrote stand-alone data visualizer to help with algorithm development and debugging. Written in C++. 
  • Independent development:
    • Developed data visualizer for "Saltation" in fruit flies project. Includes preliminary/inefficient computations of persistent homology. MATLAB. 
    • Developing system to efficiently compute persistent homology for "Saltation" in fruit flies project. MATLAB.
    • Developing system to perform principal component analysis (PCA) on persistent homology output for "Saltation" in fruit flies project. 
  • Mentoring longterm undergraduate project in approximating Bezier curves with piecewise linear curves for "Saltation" in fruit flies project. 


  • Project "Saltation" in fruit flies explores causes of discrete phenotypic changes between parents and offspring in structure of drosophila melanogaster wing veins.
  • 2 years of funding from an NSF Research Training Grant (RTG) in mathematical biology
  • 2 years of constant exposure to mathematical biology research as participant in weekly RTG math-bio colloquium and seminar series. Participants read seminar-speaker-provided background material and then present and discuss that material at the colloquium. The seminar, followed by lunch with the speaker, is later in the week. 
  • Mentored multiple undergraduate group projects in studying evolutionary trees. Topics include
    • Exploring the space of all evolutionary trees. In particular, how can we find an "average" for trees?
    • How to construct evolutionary trees given gene sequences.


  • Expert in persistent homology, a method of feature extraction. 
  • Developing a mathematical framework for using PCA to analyze the output of persistent homology algorithms (based heavily on prior work by Robins and Turner). 
  • Major project: "Saltation" in fruit flies uses persistent homology for feature extraction and PCA to analyze persistent homology output. 
  • Developing stability theorem for persistent homology to assure statistical analysis is valid.
  • Mentored undergraduates exploring averages in the space of evolutionary trees.

Team Leadership, Mentoring, and Interfacing with Non-Experts

  • Mentored a longterm (will be 1.5 years at the close) undergraduate project as part of "Saltation" in fruit flies. Includes mathematical work and coding. 
  • Led year-long reading course with lower-level graduate student mentee. 
  • Mentored 7 groups of undergraduates and high school students (19 students total) in short-term projects studying advanced topics in applied math. 
  • Awarded L.P. and Barbara Smith Award for Excellence in Teaching for 
    • "Consistent level of excellence" as primary instructor for Calculus 1 (Math 111L) at Duke over two semesters.
    • Significant organizing and outreach work for Southeastern Conference for Undergraduate Women in Math
  • Significant experience presenting information to non-expert audiences:
    • Presented biological information to mathematical audience for math-bio colloquium series (3 presentations, 20 minutes each).
    • Presented on advanced mathematical topics to undergrads (3 presentations, 20 minutes each).
    • Short course on advanced mathematical topics to high school students (5 hours total). 
    • Over 20 outreach presentations for GRASP Lab, a robotics lab at Penn. 
  • Team leader for undergraduates contributing to cross-platform humanoid robot code base.  Maintained code base, assigned projects, assisted in development where needed.