My background skews heavily towards commutative algebraic methods. I have some familiarity with combinatorics but much more with geometry. My mathematical background is focused on pure math but my original training is in electrical engineering with a theoretical focus on systems and control, those most of my research was in robotics with implementations tested on humanoid robots.

This background makes me capable of teaching many pure topics and some non-traditional applied topics in a math department (eg, algebraic methods in mathematical biology or topological data analysis). 

Courses that may be a particularly good fit for for me are those geared towards engineers. My electrical engineering training significantly overlaps with mechanical engineering and mechatronics training, so I am particularly well-suited to teach such students -- especially if their departments focus heavily on robotics. 

Able to teach:
 - Engineering-specific 
 - Calculus
 - Linear algebra
 - Real analysis
 - Abstract Algebra
 - Topology
 - Graduate real 
    Measure theory
 - Graduate algebra
 - Functional analysis
 - Algebraic topology
 - Commutative algebra
 - Algebraic geometry
 - Combinatorial 
    commutative algebra
 - Topological data analysis
 - Algebraic, combinatorial, 
    and geometric methods 
    in mathematical biology
 - . . .