Topological data analysis of C. elegans locomotion and behavior

Ashleigh Thomas, Kathleen Bates, Alex Elchesen, Iryna Hartsock, Hang Lu, and Peter Bubenik.


Topological data analysis of cell patterning data

with Peter Bubenik, Daniel Cruz, Elena Dimitrova, Alex Elchesen, Iryna Hartsock, Melissa Kemp, Eunbi Park, and Jack Toppen.

Primary decomposition distance for (multi)persistence modules

with Ezra Miller.

[thesis ch. 4]

Multirank: an invariant for statistical multiparameter persistent homology

Multiparameter persistent homology for morphology of fly wings

with Ezra Miller and Surabhi Beriwal.

[thesis ch. 5]

Active sound localization in a symmetric environment

Jordan Brindza, Ashleigh Thomas, Spencer Lee, William McDermid, Yizheng He, and Daniel D. Lee.

International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems (2013).

[pdf of paper, publisher link]